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Dampha's Kacaadulaa

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Quiz Kid Donnie Smith
29 March
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About my name:
When I served in the Peace Corps, I was unofficially "adopted" during my training by a Gambian family assigned to me to practice language and get introduced into the culture. One of my adoptive family's duties was to assign a Gambian name to me, and they decided to name me after the family patriarch, Monee Dampha. I decided to keep and this name throughout my service, although many people, including my students, tended to just call me "Dampha." And there you have it.

A kacaadulaa (ka CHA doo la), by the way, is Mandinka for a "chatting place"...it could be something like a porch (or "bantabaa") or be more akin to a pub or cafe.

The basics about me:
Born & raised in and around New Lenox, Illinois
Lincoln-Way High School Class of 1985
University of Illinois (BA) 1985-1989
Peace Corps Volunteer in the Gambia 1989-1991
University of Wisconsin (MA) 1994-1996
Currently working for Wisconsin Forward Award in Madison, Wisconsin

My LJ tarot card:

Tarot Cards
The Swedish Chef
Bork-de-bork-de bork, bork bork.
Divinatory Meanings: This card signifies rampant creativity and seemingly boundless energy. A desire to amuse others, leading to satisfying social encounters.
Reversed: Self-doubt, resultant self-destructive behavior. A tendency to annoy others.
Element: Cilantro

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Look! It's Tina the Troubled Teenager:

Tina the Troubled Teen
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