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Quiz Kid Donnie Smith

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10:54 am: Return of the Flaming Asshole (Phelps, not me)
The Reverend Fred Phelps, whose website is well-known, has finally hit upon a way to make the right wing hate him just as much as the left wing; he is now protesting the funerals of fallen American soldiers. Apparently, their deaths are part of God's punishment for America's tolerance of gay people.

Words cannot express, and so I won't even try. But as anybody who's worn a Gore shirt to a Bush speech will tell you, these guys may discover that their new provocation is ill-timed.

So here's the thing. Once Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church all get disappeared by the secret assassin team of Dick and Mary Cheney, we will be left to ourselves to figure out exactly what it is that God hates. It is a heavy responsibility, but one that I think that we are all ready for.

Poll #516626 What Exactly Does God Hate, Anyway?

Select all that apply. Scriptual support apparently not necessary.

High-interest credit card solicitations
Greasy yet flavorless Chinese food
Two and a Half Men
Flavored vodka
Kenny G.
Wearing flip-flops in public
Episode III
Missed blinds
Processed cheese
Cheap umbrellas that break the third time you use them
Calypso ringtones
Those Asian emoticons that don't go sideways like He intended
Ticketmaster service charges
Shopping carts with one wheel that just doesn't work quite right


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Date:June 20th, 2005 06:17 pm (UTC)
The difference, I think, is between judgment and hate. The message of this church is so annoying because it confuses the two. It's a general Christian teaching that God judges us, and most Christians believe that we all fall short of the mark in that judgement. But few Christians believe that hate has anything to do with that judgement.

I do think that part of being an ethical person (so this applies to other people besides Christians) is being able to discriminate between good and evil. That might have been what your Christian friend meant. That sort of discrimination is judgemental in the respect that it involves judging, but not in the respect that having made the distinction gives us license to condemn others--planks in our own eyes and all that. By which I don't mean to imply that it's not OK to publicly condemn what you believe is evil--I do that all the time! But don't be so narcissistic as to think that your judgement--let alone your petty little emotions--represent a definitive, universal Truth.
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