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Quiz Kid Donnie Smith

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01:47 pm: Will This Make You Laugh or Cry?
From Blue Heaven by Joe Keenan, copyright 1988.

"[She] was our villain, and, so far as we were concerned, she had no right to abdicate the post. For her to suddenly beg to be seen not as some imp of Satan, but as a poor greedy mortal, prey to all sorts of fears and needs, struck us as a horrid breach of etiquette. Listening to her plea, we'd felt the same resentment you'd feel if, in the middle of a Star Wars film, Darth Vader sat down and began to recollect his sad childhood at the space orphanage while clutching the locket his mother had pressed into his hand just before she'd attached his bassinet to the asteroid."

No comment is necessary, I believe.

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